Jerwood Staging Series, The fin comes a little early this siècle

Jerwood Space, London
9 Jun 2017, 7-9pm

An evening of performances and screenings curated by Lauren Houlton that bring together four artists – Alex Culshaw, Faye Green, Guy Oliver and Richard Whitby – whose works encompass various approaches to re-enactment.

As opposed to re-stagings that attempt to accurately replicate an event, these works view the past as hosting a multiplicity of simultaneous facts. Through considering the historical trace as an ‘encounter’- an understanding of material under a process of continuous transformation by the systems of relations that it enters into – the works open the potential for alternative narratives and transformations through each act of return. Exploring storytelling methodologies that employ non-linear understandings of time, influence and affinity are seen as dynamic entities, moving across time and space.

This event is free to attend but booking is required via Eventbrite.